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#IntDesignerChat May 20 Topic: Summer Homes – Fabric, Colors, and Furniture

18 May

Fire Island Sunroom in Summer Home styled by Cynthia Frank/ Photography By Simon Upton via


Steven Gambrel designed chairs covered in CJ Dellatore's Snow in Sky Chartreuse

A beautiful summer home with Steven Gambrel designed chairs covered in CJ Dellatore’s Snow


Alabama Lake House by Tracery Interiors



Traditional Home Beach

Summer Beach House via Traditional Home ® / Photo: Colleen Duffley / Design: Georgia Carlee

Summer is arriving and that means the summer-house is on our design project boards.  Join Interior Designer Chat on Tuesday May 20, 2014  to  chat designing for clients summer homes and retreats.

Beach cottage on the water

Bungalow cottage in The West Coast

Cabin in the woods

Lake houses

Mountain Retreats

The luxury housing market is back and so is the summer house.  Get ready to talk furniture, antiques, fabric, color, accessories, treatments for walls, windows,  and accents to play up the inherent coziness of a wonderfully snug designed summer house.  Join us on twitter at #IntDesignerChat Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.


Photo credit:

Traditional Home

House Beautiful 


#IntDesignerChat April 29 Topic: Bathroom Trends In 2014

27 Apr

Open Shower by CTA Group

Join Interior Designer Chat on Twitter, Tuesday April 29, 2014 where we will be  sharing the hottest trends in the industry for Bathrooms in 2014.

Day spas and spa hotels are  a trend of recharging and escaping in 2014  in the home improvement market.  Designers and architects are adding places of escape within the home, installing saunas,  steam shower rooms, whirlpool baths, and hot tubs into design projects in response to this escaping it all trend.  

Luxury bathroom have been gaining momentum in the past few years, and they certainly are not losing any steam in 2014.  This Tuesday, April 29,  join Interior Designer Chat and share the best of baths in 2014.


Black Bathroom

Black Is A Hue That Is Hot In Bathroom Design In 2014

A bold contrast of black in bathroom decor, is a 2014 trend in bathroom faucets, tubs, lighting and tile.  The deep, dramatic hue is updating the 2014 bathrooms from looking too sterile and common. 

Bill Sofield Vanity With Marble For Kallista

Bill Sofield Vanity With Marble For

Romantic designs in 2014 bathroom trends emphasize how the bathroom has become an expressive space where one can escape and luxuriate.  In 2014 glamorous hotel style bathrooms are becoming more common place in new build designs.


Curbless Showers Are Trending In 2014 Bathrooms

The curbless shower is a bath trends in 2014,  with flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stopping  at the shower curb. New sleek and chic floor drains that run along under the glass, rather than in the center of the shower are trending in bathroom designs in 2014.

Join the international #IntDesignerChat  Tuesday  April 29,  2014 for an international conversation on the  Topic:  2014 Bathroom Trends.   6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3p PST, and 11p GMT.

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#IntDesignerChat March 18 Topic: Referrals: How To Get Them And Keep Them Coming

16 Mar

Refferal Marketing

Join Interior Designer Chat on Twitter, Tuesday March 18, for our Topic: Referrals: How to Get Them And Keep Them Coming.  If you want to build a continuous stream of new business,  referrals from clients are important.  According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals.

No matter how big or small your company is you will have a better chance of success if your customers and referral partners are working for you by providing referrals.  Referrals are a marketing tool commonly called word of mouth marketing.  Historically this was used in person, but now with the internet and social media, word of mouth can be passed along on and offline.

Clients who love our work and what we do, are happy to give referrals. A recommendation from a client provides credibility and often reduces doubt in a new prospects mind.  Often a client feels they are helping someone by putting them in touch with a professional “in the know” or a products that they love.   Why not get people talking about you and your company? It creates an awareness, buzz, and leaves customers feeling good about your business.

Join #IntDesignerChat March 18, for our global conversation on twitter and share how you thank and reward those who refer business your way.   

Referrals,  do you actively seek them out or simply cross your fingers and hope they come?

What are the challenges of finding referrals?

What problems do you solve and what makes you a good choice?

How do you take the time to thank and reward those who refer business your way?

How do you influence the amount of referrals you get?   What proactive approaches do you take?

What can you do to increase your referrals?

Have you ever been caught talking about a brand or a product?

What can you do to increase the buzz about your business and get people to use word of mouth marketing?

Set your iCal for #IntDesignerChat Tuesday March 18 Topic: Referrals: How to Get Them And Keep Them Coming.  6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST and 11pm GMT.

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What Design Trends Will Define 2014? #IntDesignerChat Topic January 21

19 Jan
Drama on walls in 2014  such as dark shade of gray, navy, or even black..

Drama on walls in 2014 such as dark shade of gray, navy, or even black..

HAIR ON HIDE  At FENDI Interiors,  Design Miami Fair

Design Miami Fair

The Resurgence of Macrame. ~ macramé piece by Sally England at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Ore. Dina Avila for The Wall Street Journal

The Resurgence of Macrame. ~ macramé piece by Sally England at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Ore. Dina Avila for The Wall Street Journal

Tribal Influence and Blue Are Top In Design for 2014

Tribal Influence and Blue Are Top In Design for 2014


Kitchens in 2014 are embracing natural, raw materials – expect to see walls of brick veneer, concrete and barnboard. via

What Design Trends Will Define 2104?  Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday, January 21, 2014 as we discuss: Design Trends 2014.   Get ready to share,  Top Decorating Trends for 2014!    Join the world’s leading designer of the #IntDesignerChat, Tuesday as we discuss:

  • Top Decorating Trends for 2014!
  • Interior Design Color Trends  in 2014
  • What’s new in kitchen design in 2014?

Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday January 21  at 6p ET, 5p CT. 3p PT,  11pm GMT   We’ll be discussing globally 2104  home decor inspiration and interior design ideas, provided by the experts at Interior Designer Chat.


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#IntDesignerChat Sept. 17 Guest Host is CEO Terry Alsberg for Warmboard Topic: What is “Comfort”?

10 Sep

Terrycol4_500x500 (1)

Guest Host for  @Warmboard is CEO Terry Alsberg

Terry Alsberg has a long and successful career in architecture and engineering.  After receiving a degree in Architecture with an Engineering emphasis from the University of Illinois, Terry founded and served as CEO for Alsberg Brothers Boatworks before founding and running Alsberg Design, an architectural firm specializing in residential design. He first became familiar with radiant heat when several of his clients asked for it to be incorporated into their residential projects. Motivated in part by having two children with asthma, and unsatisfied with existing radiant heating options, Terry, working out of his garage in Capitola, California, invented Warmboard in 1992 as a low mass solution to remodeling his own home. He filed a patent on the technology in 1994 and licensed that patent to Jeld-Wen in 1996. Warmboard Inc. was spun out as an independent entity in 2002 with Terry as CEO.

Today, Warmboard is the top manufacturer of radiant panels in the US with over 27.5 million square feet sold throughout North America and much of the world; from the Arctic circle to Antarctica. Warmboard panels are the preferred radiant solution for architects, builders and homeowners. The superior conductivity of Warmboard allows for much faster response times as well as much lower water temperatures – ensuring constant comfort with much lower energy bills. Warmboard products have been recognized with a ‘Green Product of the Year’ every year for the past decade. As a company, Warmboard is committed to quality design, sustainable practices and above all, comfort.

The company currently sells two kinds of radiant products. The original Warmboard panel is a code-approved structural subfloor and radiant panel in one, and is ideal for new home construction. Warmboard-R is a smaller, thinner panel offering the same superior performance for remodels and wall or ceiling applications. Both products are manufactured in the USA.

Warmboard, Inc. is located in Aptos, California – a short walk from Niscene Marks National Forest and the beaches of Santa Cruz.

Join Interior Designer Chat on Tuesday, September 17  with our Guest Host for  @Warmboard CEO Terry Alsberg leading our global community in the Topic: What is “Comfort”?   Follow Interior Designer Chat  on Twitter @IntDesignerChat for our international Twitter Chat using the hashtag #IntDesignerChat 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT, and 11pm GMT.  

Warmboard, Inc. has graciously sponsored #IntDesignerChat Sept. 17, 2013 Twitter Chat.  A full disclosure statement can be found here.

#IntDesignerChat Sept. 10 Topic: Industry Insights – What’s Happening Now In Bathroom’s

8 Sep

houzz bathroom

As the industries resource of  the design industry,  Interior Designer Chat September 10, 2013  will be looking for industry insights on what’s happening in bathroom interiors.   Join industry experts and our professional design community on  Tuesday, @IntDesignerChat where we’ll share grand gestures and small touches that make or break a bathroom’s design now. 

From gutting and rehabbing a master bathroom,  to designing a new bathroom in a multi-generational home,  to a luxury bathroom in a high-rise, or designing the perfect quintessential powder room this week’s design professionals will share what happening now in bathroom design.

Be part of  #IntDesignerChat industry insights on What’s Happening Now In Bathroom’s on twitter, Tuesday September 10, 2013  at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT and 11pm GMT .


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#IntDesignerChat April 2 Topic: Trade Shows

31 Mar
Show Travel 2

April is a month of industry trade shows:  Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Coverings,  KBIS, and High Point Market to name a few.  Then we’re on to NeoCon in June and Dwell On Design. This week April 2, 2013 lets share how we decide what shows to attend and how as industry professionals we get the most out of the shows we attend.   This Interior Designer Chat transcript is guaranteed to be filled with excellent tips from industry pro’s  from our international community.

*Starting in April we will no longer be sharing our hashtracking  to everyone.   Community participants may request a copy of the transcript by email.   Some request may be charged a fee to off set #IntDesignerChat  hashtracking report fees.