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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat

29 Jul

Does your business use Twitter?

#IntDesignerChat Creates One-on-One Relationships

As an active participant in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to colleagues and customers. The more often you participate in a #IntDesignerChat  Twitter chat, the more relationships you form and the more recognition you gain in our industry.   Since June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat has created international relationships in commercial and residential design, architecture, interior design, Kitchen and Bath, and Home Furnishing industries.  Our Tuesday #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat can rock social media and is so popular our global participants show up early and we have TRENDED WORLDWIDE several times.

#IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Connects You With Customers and Prospects 

Founded four years ago, in June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat has been producing great topics and twitter chats reaching 12 Million Impressions in an hour according to  Hosting an event is a great way for a business to bring its potential and current customer base together to learn, engage and build a deeper relationship.  Your business can host a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, and we’ll share our secret sauce of connecting with your customers and prospect.

Participate in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat And Stay Informed

Attending #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a spectator can be a great educational experience.

As a participant, your goal is to tweet with other professionals and experts in the design, interior design, architect, home furnishing, and the Kitchen & Bath industry to discuss common issues.

Use #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a higher-education and as professional use of your week.  Each week our Topics are thought provoking and produce informative and education content in social media from leading experts who participate during our one hour #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat. We lead #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat weekly, on Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3p PST, and 11pm GMT as a learning resource, for a global intelligent professional audience.

Build Authority 

Use social media with the goal of building your business and yourself up as an authority in the eyes of the industry and customers/clients.  Appearing as a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat guest to answer questions about your area of expertise in design is a way to boost your authority.

Promote Your Brand

Sponsoring and positioning your business as the featured guest of @IntDesignerChat allows you to host questions that help you market your business. As the guest of a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you can expect to gain lots of new followers during the chat as well as receive valuable public relations. And you can also expect to get business leads from people who find out how knowledgeable you are about your topic during the chat. It is also an opportunity for Brands to promote new product introductions, or promote an upcoming event.

Sponsor A #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Topic

  • @IntDesignerChat will mention your business as the sponsor for the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat during the chat itself, as well as in article on our website and social updates on other Interior Designer Chat channels used to promote and/or recap the chat (Facebook, Google+, Storify, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.).
  • As a #IntDesignerChat Sponsor we offer promotion of your products and/or services during the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat.
  • During your scheduled sponsored #IntDesignerChat we will position your business as the featured guest of the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat and work with your brand as the host on questions that help you market your business.
  • Your business will have an advertising banners on our websites devoted to your #IntDesignerChat hosted Twitter chat.



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#IntDesignerChat 4 Year Anniversary! Join @IntDesignerChat for our Four Year Anniversary, June 24, 2014

22 Jun

We are so excited.  It’s #IntDesignerChat  four year anniversary celebration week, and it’s such a big deal for @NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal, @andrewdunning Andrew Dunning, @jamoore100 Judy Moore, @yourabode Kathy Hanson our Directing Founder and Interior Designer Chat Ambassadors all who volunteer and for you the contributors and participants!  We can’t wait to celebrate #IntDesignerChat  Four Year Anniversary, Tuesday, June 24, 2014 on Twitter at 6pm EDT, 3p PDT, and 11p GMT.



@NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal, Director and Founder of #IntDesignerChat



@andrewdunning Andrew Dunning Founder/Creative Director of APD Interiors #IntDesignerChat Ambassador

Judy Moore headshot

@jamoore100 Judy Moore, Home and lifestyle Safety expert, author, blogger #IntDesignerChat Ambassador

Kathy Hanson

@yourabode Kathy Hanson, Decorating in the Pacific Northwest. #IntDesignerChat Ambassador




Celebrating Interior Designer Chat Four Year Anniversary on Twitter is a serious celebration, and we are so excited!  Think about it,  who else in our industry for nearly every week, has supported and built others by giving back?   Interior Designer Chat has never asked for dues, fees, or tried to sell you something.  We have hosted a #IntDesignerChat weekly, since June 2010 with  Twitter chat topics and brought you leading Guest Hosts that have shared thought-provoking education, inspiration, and global conversations.  We should all be proud, that our Interior Designer Chat community conversations have spanned the wide world of  interior design, building, design, and social learning.  Factually we have drawn hundreds of millions of impressions (eyeballs) on our #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat and have produced hundreds of Twitter Chats successfully. Factually we are one of the longest running Twitter chats on @Twitter and we are proud to have reached World Wide Trending.

We’ve learned a ton.  Interior Designer Chat has grown to a global respected community, and we’re humbled.   This is a community that continually and without fail, guides us to the next big thing.   We have collaborated with and been touched in so many ways by so many in our industry.   Since 2010 we have always embraced and welcomed new participants,  to network and  discuss the challenges of when it comes to our daily professional lives.   We have enjoyed and grown by collaborating with our #IntDesignerChat Guest Hosts  who have honored our Interior Designer Chat  community by giving back education and  experts advice.

We have grown the Interior Designer Chat community organically with integrity.  This has taken a lot of work, patience, and we’ve stayed true to our mission “of giving back.”   As a team, we are proud and embrace the collaborations we have experienced globally.  While we’ve all watched others getting into social media to profit off participants building their communities.   Interior Designer Chat  has not let anyone down.  We only have built others.

Join #IntDesignerChat Four Year Anniversary Celebration Twitter Chat, Tuesday June 24, 2014 at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, 11p GMT.  We look forward to our professional friends and industry colleges sending Tweets our way of congratulations!  #IntDesignerChat 4 year Anniversary celebration is to exciting not to celebrate the entire week on Interior Designer Chat on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook,  Tumblr,  LinkedIn, and our blog post.

This week, Interior Designer Chat celebrates the 4th Anniversary of our Chat with a giveaway to say Thank You to all our supporters!

To help celebrate this event, we are sharing with our followers a fun Giveaway valued at $100 USD!

Here is what the winner will receive:  A Visa Gift Card valued at $100 USD.

Giveaway Guidelines – Please read carefully:

  1. Give a Like to Interior Designer Chat on Facebook and share on Facebook why you like participating in our #IntDesignerChat community.
  2. Follow @IntDesignerChat on Twitter
  3. Follow the Google + Interior Designer Chat Community.                                                                      
  4. Tweet a Re-Tweetable Tweet on why you like Interior Designer Chat with the #IntDesignerChat hashtag on Twitter after you complete steps 1 & 2 to be entered in the Give away.
  5. Participants must reply by email within 7 days of notification, with their mail or delivery address.
  6. All entries must be completed by Thursday, June 26 at 12:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen at random.
  7. Entry winner will notified via a Facebook message or Twitter Direct Message

#IntDesignerChat June 3 Topic: The Business Of Blogging

1 Jun
Interior Designer To The Rescue

The Business Of Blogging 


Join interior design bloggers, new media innovators, and industry leaders in design Tuesday June 3 for #IntDesignerChat Topic: The Business Of Blogging. Join the experienced professionals in blogging and those interested in learning about new media and the interior design industry. Interior Designer Chat will host design bloggers who will share their advice, experiences, and successes in a professional conversation on blogging. If you are interested in learning about new media and the interior design industry, join our global conversation @IntDesignerChat on Twitter Tuesday June 3, for our trending conversation. The Interior Designer Chat Community has shared business and inspiration to the blogging community since June of 2010. We will be discussing how Blogging has moved forward to being an important part of business in 2014.

The business of blogging, is Interior Designer Chat’s most popular topic, for design bloggers and interior designer bloggers! Invite your design bloggers friends to join us on Twitter by following @IntDesignerChat on Tuesday June 3, 2014! The Interior Designer Chat Community brings you the best in blogging and social media discussions, as we collaborate and network globally with like-minded professionals weekly. Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday June 3 at 6pm ET, 5p CT, 3p PDT, and 11p GMT.

#IntDesignerChat April 15 is “Open Mic.”

14 Apr

open mic

Tuesday April 15, 2014  #IntDesignerChat will open up our conversation with an “Open Mic” twitter chat.   It’s  a lunar moon, a time for you to share,  What’s on your mind!  At @IntDesignerChat we’re always about JOY, REJOICING, and GROWING our #IntDesignerChat friends and community!

Weekly we practice  Twitter Chat Etiquette and our community guidelines, establish by our  Interior Designer Chat Community.   The purpose of  #IntDesignerChat has been to  give back to the design industry, build others and network with like-minded professionals.  Our welcoming  top Ambassadors volunteer  their time and giving  back to the interior designer chat community.

We have learned to believe  if you alter the environment,  people will adapt to it,  based on the reality around us.   Join  @IntDesignerChat  Tuesday April 15, 2014 on twitter for our  “Open Mic.”   6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.

The #IntDesignerChat Community has bonded internationally and many of us have had the opportunities to meet each other at design centers,  trade shows, IDC Education & Design Worth Spreading Events, Live #IntDesignerChat Tweet ups, and blogging events around the world.   For years now, Interior Designer Chat has “given back” and has shared global education and  helped others to become thought leaders in the design industry.  Interior Designer Chat is a planned media platform with an editorial media calendar, with specific topics. We famously have started Trending worldwide often with our thought-provoking topics, and questions.   Some refer to #IntDesignerChat as a  design resource,  a flash mob on the internet,  an international professional community of professionals,  and others a  educational classroom.

Join us Tuesday by following @IntDesignerChat for our “Open Mic” conversation at 6p ET, 3p PT and 11p GMT.






#IntDesignerChat April 8 Topic: Seize Opportunities To Build Your Brand

6 Apr



How do you build, grow and nurture an online community?  How are you using the power of social media for communications and connections,  that are emerging into relationships?   Tuesday,  April 8, 2014 @IntDesignerChat will take to twitter to discuss;  How to use the influence of social media to create meaningful relationships with others and maintain a consistent focus on building your brand.  Surprisingly there are still designers, individuals, and companies that are resisting social media.  These individuals and firms are missing out on a free opportunity to build a following.

Spotting opportunities to build your brand,  requires being generous.  If all you do is take, people will stop responding to you.  To grow in social media you need to establish partnerships with other top influencers in your niche.  And provide your audience with quality content that aligns with their interests and passions.  Are you seizing opportunities to build your brand? 

Social Media is powerful in that it helps to make connections, build relationships, and even build a business! Any one can hop on the social media train and reach out, get engaged and get connected. Reach out and say hello!  Take the opportunity to establish new contacts and relationships.  Whether you’re a professional designer, artist,  architect,  manufacturer, vendor, or a blogger… establishing social media influence, requires investing  your time and attention to creating your brand.

Over the past several years, Interior Designer Chat has worked hard to build and grow a vibrant and interactive community on social channels including  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Building a following takes effort and time, and there are no shortcuts.

Join#IntDesignerChat April 8 for  Topic: Seize Opportunities To Build Your Brand at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT, and 11p GMT.

#IntDesignerChat Dec. 03 Topic: LinkedIn The Business Magnet For Professionals Worldwide

1 Dec

linkedin people

Tuesday, December 03, 2013 Interior Designer Chat will discuss the Topic: LinkedIn The Business Magnet For Professionals Worldwide.  We often forget that LinkedIn is a social network that can be leveraged just as much as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Seeing how we all spend so many hours working, LinkedIn helps you connect on a more personal level.  Savvy business professionals are now using LinkedIn as a place to establish themselves as experts by creating and sharing authoritative content.  You can use LinkedIn to amplify your business content through its sharing platform, and get your content in front of the business professionals, who find it most relevant and useful.  Sharing useful content on LinkedIn,  gains you clout and authority in the industry. 

The levels of separation that LinkedIn provides gives you a safe platform to retain clients, leverage your network.   These are some practices offered by LinkedIn professionals  and benefits of  LinkedIn social networking:

  • Gain Deeper Connections With Others
  • Update Your Status on LinkedIn Rather Than Facebook
  • Capitalize With Status Updates To Gain Clout And Authority As an Industry Leader
  • When Launching A Networking Event In Your City  Create a LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn has been a business magnet for professionals worldwide.  In today’s social media world, if you want to be taken seriously as a business leader and professional, create a complete profile and start asking for and giving recommendations from people you know on LinkedIn. Join and create groups, and get active in the LinkedIn community.  i.e. are you part of our  Interior Designer Chat Linkedin Group?


Join @IntDesignerChat Tuesday Dec. 3 at 6pm EST, 3pm PST, and 11pm GMT for our #IntDesignerChat Topic: LinkedIn The Business Magnet  For Design Professionals Worldwide.  You’ll be glad you did!

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#IntDesignerChat October 22 TOPIC: Tips To Help You Succeed On Pinterest

20 Oct

Pinterest Marketing
Join Interior Designer Chat  Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 for Tips To Help You Succeed On Pinterest.   Today’s Pinterest users are a highly engaged group your business cannot afford to miss.  Pinterest has slowly emerged as a leading online resource promoting online business. 

Obviously there’s tons of opportunity for the Interior Designer Chat communities visually stimulating businesses on Pinterest.   However, to do it right, you still need to use some strategy!


Join us Tuesday at #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, with Barbara Segal, an expert in social media and engagement.  Come learn about the do’s and don’t’s of Pinterest in today’s world.  She’ll share how to understand how to perfect a professional “brand” that consistently communicates credibility and how to bring your mission statement to life on Pinterest.
Barbara will share advice on:   
  • Researching your target audience and so you find the content they are most interested in pinning.
  • Be Genuine.  Be yourself and show people your creativity.  What inspires you and your personal brand?
  • Be Original.  Create original content and pin it to Pinterest bringing versatility and diverse marketing to your brand.
  • Beware of spammers on Pinterest.  We know the spammers and scammers go where the people are, and now Pinterest is yet another place to find them.
  • How to become known as a thought leader in your niche by engaging  and pinning regularly to Pinterest.
  • The power of collaboration boards.  Why you should start your own for branding, events, and cause marketing.

Join Interior Designer Chat global discussion on Twitter,  Tuesday October 22  at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT,  11p GMT , and Wed 8a OZ.   For Tips To Help You Succeed On Pinterest!

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