Sponsoring a #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Is Effective Marketing, Public Relations, And Increased Sales Added To Your Businesses Bottom Line


#IntDesignerChat community loves to meet up in real life!

We offer brands the opportunity to sponsor #IntDesignerChat  in 2014  at  Industry Trade Shows and  to work with you at events.   Interior Designer Chat offers a global solid community of professionals who have formed a community with a leading social media platform.  We will collaborate and promote your brands upcoming events, booth at industry trade shows by offering sponsorship of your brand hosting  a  live #IntDesignerChat tweet up at the show.  Our #IntDesignerChat Community looks forward to attending industry events, so “giving back” to our Community as a sponsor means we as a community start mingling and networking your brand on all social media platforms.   The Interior Designer Chat community has a solid history of  successful event turn outs.  

Interior Designer Chat has many proven success stories, we would be happy to share with you the sponsor.  For participants, it’s an amazing learning experience, and a great way to meet our international community of professionals.  Many of us already feel connected and have met at prior shows in person.

  • For a Brand it is the opportunity to learn first hand what the community thinks about your products and services
  • For a Marketer it is a new way to generate interest and leads
  • For a PR Agency, it’s the opportunity to be involved in the conversation where it is happening and fill your event to capacity with the industry leading professionals.
  • For a Product Manager, it is the opportunity to understand what is needed to evolve the product
  • For a Social Media Manager, it is the opportunity to refine skills and better understand which channels and tools the community is using
  • For a Customer Care representative it is the opportunity to meet the community, interact and provide a service on demand
  • For a Community Manager it”s the opportunity to interact with awesome people, strengthen relationships in the community and build new bridges
  • For a brand, we can promote your booth, product, and event like no other.

#IntDesignerChat is an educational B2b Twitter Chat for design professionals, that happens every Tuesday.  Founded in June 2010, our community has formed lasting international friendships,  finds inspiration from one another,  and we share education.  Not to mention we produce  million  impressions in an hour.  We might add, we’re non stop twitters.  So twittering throughout design events and trade show comes naturally to our Community.   Interior Designer Chat is considered a leading resource in the design industry.   

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your brand stand out and connect with top industry professional.   When working with you as a sponsor, we have the #IntDesignerChat Communities best interest in mind.  Interior Designer Chat is a giving back community of education, inspiration, and sharing.  Contact us at designerChat@gmail.com 


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