#IntDesignerChat Community Guidelines

Interior Designer Chat is the international community of Interior Designers, Interior Architects,  Kitchen and Bath designers, and professionals in the Home Decor Industry. Our weekly twitter chat has international attendance every Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST, 3pm PS, and 11pm GMT.  We use the #hashtag… #IntDesignerChat.  Our Twitter handle is @IntDesignerChat.  We also have a LinkedIn Group for professional participants of our weekly Interior Designer Chat.   We have an established community of professionals and the community was founded in 06/2010 for inspiration, education, and giving back.

Like everything at #IntDesignerChat, these Guidelines are a work in progress that we will continue to improve upon.  We’re working hard to make #IntDesignerChat the best place for you to find inspiration from people who share your interests.  We’ve gotten a lot of help from our community as we’ve crafted these Guidelines from our Chat, The Future Is Ours To Create. 

1.Be kind, be professional, be open, be free to compliment and always be courteous with good manners

2 Our community encourages, welcomes and helps all new participants, whether they are members of the design community or other interested professionals.

3. We encourage conversation and ask that participants stay on the topic of the chat. We don’t allow flooding the tweet stream with irreverent or irrelevant off topic tweets. Violators will be reported.

4. All Brands are encouraged to join the conversation. Sharing, networking, collaborating with no selling unless a sponsored brand.
An approved #IntDesignerChat sponsor is where we “Tweet” in compliance with FTC regulations.

5. Definition of a Brand = Manufactures, Suppliers, Retails, Events, Show Management, Trade Shows, Publishers, Entertainment Channels, Bloggers who have advertisers, Authors.

6. We reserve the right to report any abuse, spamming, or unruly behavior to Twitter TOS

7. No selling is allowed using the #IntDesignerChat hashtag as per the FTC regulations.

8.) Using the #IntDesignerChat Community hashtag  to promote an events, workshops, trade shows, or industry organizations that involve dues, sponsors, fee’s, or admission fees fall under our “No selling” guidelines.  Since 2010 Interior Designer Chat and it’s @IntDesignerChat community works to promote others by following  the FTC disclosure regulations.  The #IntDesignerChat Community enjoys and encourages industry collaborations, we welcome written requests for working together and approved collaboration.   


(i) Social media agencies representing clients must comply with #IntDesignerChat Community rules of no selling and to FTC disclosure regulations.

(ii) The use of #IntDesignerChat in any tweets as a direct use of promoting or selling, including other twitter chats, events, give-aways, contest or shows comes under the heading of Social Media High Jacking and is subject to FTC regulations. We reserve the right to report the violator(s) to TOS and/or take legal actions.


2 Responses to “#IntDesignerChat Community Guidelines”

  1. elizabeth traub at 7:42 pm #

    So glad that you have these guideline. Good Work!


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    […] why we need to all be involved in evolving.   We will ask the #IntDesignerChat to discuss our Guidelines  update them as the community see necessary and why we have them.   Open up our conversation […]

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