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#IntDesignerChat October 11 – Guest Host San Francisco Based Fine Artist Rex Ray of Rex Ray Studio Topic: Art And Interior Design

4 Oct

Guest Host  Rex Ray

Rex Ray’s artwork ranges from collage on paper, canvas and resin boards to digital work. Ray’s work is made entirely by hand. The collages are made with hand-painted and printed papers hand cut with scissors. His work combines a mid-century modern aesthetic with psychedelic color palette and shapes. Ray is known for popularizing the use of high-gloss resin panels — encasing his colorful, graphic collage designs in a gorgeous glossy layer of resin.

Ray’s collages, paintings and design work have been exhibited at galleries and museums, including The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Jose Museum of Modern Art, The Crocker Museum in Sacramento, and Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. Abstract and handcrafted, with a retro-futuristic feel, Rex Ray’s work is always identifiable, whether seen on museum or gallery walls, in hip restaurants and boutique hotels — or on book, CD covers or rock posters. He has worked on a wide range of custom projects for Apple, Dreamworks, Swatch and David Bowie among others.

2011 marked Rex’s debut into product design with the launch of two lines: Rex Ray Studio and R2Lab. Both Rex Ray Studio and R2 Lab allow individuals to incorporate elements of Ray’s signature aesthetic through rich designs and textiles available at various price points and retail locations.

Rex Ray has been generously brought to Interior Designer Chat by Modwalls.com .   Join Rex Ray as our Guest Host, October 11, 2011 at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT, and 11p GMT on Interior Designer Chat on twitter, where we use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat.


Q1: How do u suggest individuals integrate art in living environments? Other than obvs ways like hanging a piece on the wall? #IntDesignerChat

Q2: Where do you find/buy or source art? #IntDesignerChat

Q3: Where in the spaces you have designed, do you most like to incorporate art? #IntDesignerChat

Q4: Whats your advice 4 ppl who don’t have a lot of design elements in their space, but would like to – where do you start? #IntDesignerChat


Transcript for October 11, 2011 Guest Host Rey Ray Topic: Art and Interior Design  IntDesignerChat-2011-10-11-2011-10-12


#IntDesignerChat August 23, 2011 Topic: Design Bloggers and Interior Designer Bloggers

19 Aug
Designer Blogger

Designer Blogger

Q 1: What is your niche in the design blogosphere? What sets you apart?

Q 2: Share with us how often you post and where you find inspiration?

Q 3: Do you view #blogging as essential for modern businesses? How do you promote your blog?

Q 4: Have you had ‘real monetary’ results from writing your blog?

Q 5: What are the top three things you would recommend, if you were starting a blog today?

Interior Designer Chat will host interior design bloggers, interior design leaders, and new media innovators  for a professional conversation on design blogging. If you are interested in learning about new media and the interior design industry, Tuesdays conversation will be with the international Interior Designer Chat community.  Share the excitement,  of your success in blogging to the #IntDesignerChat community.   Enlighten us with your focus, and your interests of blogging on interior design and social media.   Join @IntDesignerChat  Tuesday August 23, 2011 as we discuss interior design with the world of new media.   Set your ical to 6pm EDT, 3p PDT, 11p GMT  and go to twitter, where we use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat  every Tuesday at this same time.  Inspire us and share your unique voice, and blog links to our international audience of  Interior Designers, Architects + Home Decor Professionals on twitter.

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#IntDesignerChat Transcript Recap Topic: Design Blogger and Interior Designer Bloggers    IDC 8-23-11

#IntDesignerChat Guest Host June 28, 2011 – James Bedell Award Winning Lighting Designer

21 Jun
Guest Host 
James Bedell

For the last 10 years, James Bedell has been a lighting designer based in NYC. He developed a love for the theater and theatrical lighting while attending Pace University. There he was mentored by Obie-award winning lighting and scenic designer Chris Thomas. While at Pace, James lit over 30 productions ranging from student directed work, to main stage productions for the 700+ seat Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts. Staying on at Pace, James went on to manage lighting for the Schimmel Center, coordinating lighting for a wide variety of productions ranging from local theater companies to nationally televised productions, including Inside the Actor’s Studio.

All the while, James designed lighting for Off and Off-Off Broadway theater and dance companies including, the critically acclaimed Brick Theater, ShakespeareNYC, Origin Theatre Company, the Looking Glass Theater, and many others. His work on the Tempest for the Looking Glass earned him a SpotlightOn award for best lighting design.

Nearly 4 years ago, James shifted focus from lighting in the entertainment world to lighting architectural spaces. As a lighting designer for Tirschwell Architectural Lighting, James worked on projects ranging from high end residences to corporate headquarters, restaurants and retail locations.

In 2008, James launched Build2Sustain, a consultancy dedicated to making the business case for sustainable design in commercial spaces. He is enormously proud of the thought leadership and content development that came from Build2Sustain. When the time is right and the funding available, look for Build2Sustain to relaunch it’s consultancy practice. In addition to writing and designing a variety of projects, James designs lighting for Abercrombie and Fitch, where he works with the director of lighting design (i.e. his boss) on A&F and Hollister chain stores, as well as flagship locations all over the world.

Q 1:  How do you accomplish ambient light in residential spaces?

Q 2:  How do you test the effect of light sources on colors and materials you’ve chosen?

Q 3:  Do you feel you fully understand the changing lighting regulations?

Q 4:  When do you bring in a separate lighting consultant?

Q 5: How do you ensure a lighting design is easily maintainable for clients?
#IntDesignerChat TOPIC: Lighting In Residential Spaces with Guest Host @Jamesbedell  Transcript #IntDesignerChat June 28 TOPIC: Lighting