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#IntDesignerChat Give Up The Love!

11 May




Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often. ~ Mark Twain


We appreciate our global Interior Designer Chat community and enjoy what we provide one another in the industry.

Have you ever stopped to think about how our community has sustained over 4 years?

How much work goes into preparing our of the moment Topics, that trend weekly?

How much preparing and time goes into bringing  education and leadership to our global Interior Designer Chat community?

What is involved in selecting and working with top industry leaders who volunteer their time in “Giving Back” as Guest Hosts?

How we have emerged friendships and relationships globally for 4 years in the interior design,  kitchen and bath,  design blogging, and home furnishing industries?

How #IntDesignerChat weekly, offer brands constant opportunities  to share and network within their product category and network with top designer and professionals?

How for 4 years we have never forgotten about you as an individuals, a small business, or as a industry brand?

How #IntDesignerChat mission has stayed true and consistently since June 2010 of welcoming and embracing all that participate in our weekly #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, without selling  the participants influence and for 4 years has been “Giving Back”?

How #IntDesignerChat  has stayed true to disclosure in our relationships since day one?

We appreciate our global community and enjoy what we provide one another in the industry.  Our Interior Designer Chat team are professionals within our industry, that volunteer their efforts weekly in being of service to the Interior Designer Chat community.  We have globally stretched our love and blessing to the design industry with our energy and building of one another.

We need to express to our community that our lives are full and good.  This time of year,  it’s true dedication for everyone in the #IntDesignerChat team to show up at our weekly global Twitter chat, #IntDesignerChat on Tuesdays at 6p EST, 3p PST, and 11p GMT.   We are also giving up opportunities of making income in our real-time,  real life, and global time zone careers.  June 2014 we should be celebrating, that we have sustained our professional community to still growing and flourishing.   Interior Designer hat has been inspiring, educating, helping one another build social media influence, bringing top education, and connecting our industry globally and with integrity longer than anyone else.

We do a lot of good things!  It’s 2014 and our out-of-pocket  community expenses are accumulating.

Thank you for embracing the possibility of greatness.

We can not waste our potential, it’s not enough for us!

#IntDesignerChat give up the love!







#IntDesignerChat May 6 Guest Host Judy Moore @jamoore100 Topic: Safety and Design

29 Apr

Judy Moore @jamoore100

Judy Moore is a home and lifestyle safety expert, author, blogger and the creator of the Taking Stock Home Inventory System, a property protection tool that guides users through the process of doing a complete home inventory.  Judy’s background is in the Hollywood film industry, where she has worked widely both in front of and behind the camera.  She has appeared as a featured guest on the national CBS television show The Talk, where she gave advice on home safety and disaster preparedness for the show’s Redo You segment.  Judy’s home safety and design blog can be found at www.HomeSafetyScene.com.

Judy has participated and supported the Interior Designer Chat community from our very beginning in 2010, she is an active and welcoming Interior Designer Chat Ambassador.  Judy looks forward to sharing her expert safety knowledge and her expertise with the design community.  Interior Designer Chat is excited and honored to have Judy @jamoore100 share her knowledge and expertise with the #IntDesignerChat global community on Twitter May 6.   Join #IntDesignerChat Guest Host  Judy Moore @jamoore100  Topic:  Safety and Design, May 6, 2014  6p ET , 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.



Orange Alert! There Is No #IntDesignerChat October 29

27 Oct


It’s our tweet to teat you every Tuesday!  This week October 29 there is no #IntDesignerChat from 6p-7p ET.   We wish you a happy Halloween.   Eat, drink and be scary.

#IntDesignerChat March 12, Guest Host Max Campi @massicampi Topic: 21st Century Design and Interior Architecture. Live From Naples, Italy.

5 Mar

Max Campi 012

#IntDesignerChat Guest Host Max Campi @massicampi 

Max Campi  is Director of the Research Center Urban/Eco of University of Naples “Federico II”  and since 2011 is Guest Professor at School of Design at Jiangnan University in China.  Max is also a visiting professor at l’Ecole d’Architecture de Paris “La Villette”   He lectures at  conferences on architecture all around Europe and is the author of several scientific books.   His work has been published nationally and  internationally.    The prestigious book “21st Century Apartment Living”  elected a work by Massimiliano Campi, realized in Capri, for the cover. 

Max Campi decided to become an architect for the very first time when he was just six. He was fascinated by the possibility to change the feelings of people,  improving their wellness, by making a comfortable space.  This dream ,  persisted until he had the possibility to go to university. Having an international view of architecture, he studied not only in Italy but also in Spain, moved  to Barcelona to attend  college there.  Max Campi, graduated cum laude with a project that was considered worthy of publication.

After graduation he continued research activities as winner of several fellowship in Italy and abroad.  During that period, he went to Turin for a Master in Management for Cultural Projects, organized by SAA (School of Marketing Administration of University of Turin).  He travelled a lot around Europe visiting important architectures in France, Spain, England and Germany, collaborating with different architectural firms. Then CNR (the National Research Council), gave him a fellowship to make research for the National Committee for Architectural and Engineering Sciences about the Requalification Methodologies for Mediterranean Cities. In 1999 he obtained another fellowship and, after three years, he received the PhD title in Architecture.  For his research, he analyzed themes about existing relationship between geometric and compositive rules of contemporary architecture, concentrating the attentions on works by Norman Foster.  The results were published in a book titled “Norman Foster – the design for knowledge of complex structures and pure geometry”, Rome 2002.

Those were years of research and hard professional work: Max Campi started to collaborate with one of the most important firms of his hometown PCA-Int, concentrating on project that had the participation of Arup, from London. After working some years as Junior Architect, Campi founded with his wife Ludovica an architecture firm, gbc architects, starting to make several houses in the area of Naples, projecting interiors for his own clients. The firm collaborated with Woodhead Int. and Interplan2 to participate to East Darling Harbor Urban Competition in Sydney, Australia.

In interior and Industrial design, Campi has a long experience with architecture and furniture made in Italy. His work has been published from important editors national and international. In particular, some among his works were published in Australia, deserving covers of some prestigious books.

At the same time, he kept on working on his academic career, becoming Professor at University of Naples.

Recently his work is oriented towards the project of luxury yacht, also as research field: in fact, he was teacher of  the course in “Design for yacht and luxury boats” in the specialist course Design and Interior Architecture, in University of Naples.

Max Campi @massicampi will Guest Host #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, Tuesday March 12, 2013 live from Naples Italy at midnight Italian time,  6p EST, 5p CST, 3p PST, and 11p GMT .  His Topic: 21st Century Design and Interior Architecture.  Save the date for this educational hour and international Interior Designer Chat.

#IntDesignerChat Sept. 18 Guest Host @mcalpinetank Greg Tankersley his Topic: Finding The Home Within You And Your Clients: The Journey From Spiritual To Physical

11 Sep

Greg Tankersley @mcalpinetank

Greg Tankersley, a native of Alabama, holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University. It was while at Auburn that Greg met professor of Architecture, Bobby McAlpine. Recognizing Greg’s strong drawing and creative abilities, Bobby asked Greg, along with his wife Mary Robin Jurkiewicz, to join his bourgeoning firm in Montgomery, Alabama in 1985. Greg’s expertise and leadership skills led to a partnership with Bobby in 1997 forming McAlpine Tankersley Architecture. Their practice, now in its 28th year, is described as “nurturing, compassionate, soulful,” and the firm’s architecture, wedding historical precedence with graceful modern living, is a timeless and romantic pursuit of “The Inheritable House”. The firm’s work has been featured in VERANDA, HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, SOUTHERN ACCENTS, ARTS & ANTIQUES, ELLE DÉCOR, ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, SOUTHERN LIVING, HOUSE AND GARDEN (both US and British editions), METROPOLITAN HOME, TRADITIONAL HOME, The New York Times and on Home and Garden Television (HGTV).  The firm was honored to be included on the AD100 list compiled by ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST in 2012.

Save the date for Interior Designer Chat on twitter, Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 6pm ET  for Guest Host Greg Tankersley of McAlpine Tankersley Architecture topic:  Finding the Home within you and your clients: the journey from spiritual to physical.

#IntDesignerChat August 28 Topic: Commerical vs. Residential

26 Aug

What’s your experience from commercial compared to residential?   Tuesday, August 28 join Interior Designer Chat on twitter for a global discussion on the how different is commercial versus residential design.   Designing for commercial and residential is different, even when the mediums are still the same, whether it’s  case goods, fabrics, lighting, furniture, and so on.

Commercial design:   There are numerous specialization areas associated with commercial design.  Designers specializing in entertainment work on television, theaters, movies, clubs, theme park, and arena projects. Commercial designers focused on governmental projects work on schools, fire and police stations, libraries, courts, museums, public transportation terminals and other government buildings. Health Care design specialists design hospitals, nursing homes, examination rooms and waiting rooms. Focusing on hospitality and luxury, some commercial designers work on hotels, restaurants,  country clubs, cruise ships, bars, and major conference areas.  Commercial designers can specialize in office design and work to create work spaces that are fully utilized but that also create a productive and appealing work environment. There are also designers concentrated on retail and store design.

Residential design: introduces the  clients to a new place of freedom and changes the way people live their lives through design  environments.  Often, a designer who primarily works in homes will specialize in a particular part of residential design. It is common for designers to specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, home offices and custom furniture and home appliance design.  People want their homes to be extensions of themselves and expressions of personal individuality.  While this type of interior design may seem much less limited than commercial design, it takes just as much creativity and innovation.

Make time to join our global discussion Tuesday at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT for a global discussion on Commercial versus Residential Design.  


#IntDesignerChat June 5 Topic: Finding And Working With Top Trades People

3 Jun

Working with skilled trades people, creating beautiful and effective places to live and work is  project management.  Overseeing every aspect of development with qualified trades people is a strategically component  in interior design, architecture,  kitchen and bath design, and design firms businesses.  How to find good trades people in this economy is not easy.   This week at Interior Designer Chat, we will be discussing globally, How to find good quality tradespeople to carry out work for you.  Join Interior Designer Chat on twitter, we use the hashtag #IntDesignerChat at 6p ET, 5p CT, 4p MT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.