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5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat

29 Jul

Does your business use Twitter?

#IntDesignerChat Creates One-on-One Relationships

As an active participant in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to colleagues and customers. The more often you participate in a #IntDesignerChat  Twitter chat, the more relationships you form and the more recognition you gain in our industry.   Since June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat has created international relationships in commercial and residential design, architecture, interior design, Kitchen and Bath, and Home Furnishing industries.  Our Tuesday #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat can rock social media and is so popular our global participants show up early and we have TRENDED WORLDWIDE several times.

#IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Connects You With Customers and Prospects 

Founded four years ago, in June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat has been producing great topics and twitter chats reaching 12 Million Impressions in an hour according to TweetBinder.com.  Hosting an event is a great way for a business to bring its potential and current customer base together to learn, engage and build a deeper relationship.  Your business can host a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, and we’ll share our secret sauce of connecting with your customers and prospect.

Participate in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat And Stay Informed

Attending #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a spectator can be a great educational experience.

As a participant, your goal is to tweet with other professionals and experts in the design, interior design, architect, home furnishing, and the Kitchen & Bath industry to discuss common issues.

Use #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a higher-education and as professional use of your week.  Each week our Topics are thought provoking and produce informative and education content in social media from leading experts who participate during our one hour #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat. We lead #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat weekly, on Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3p PST, and 11pm GMT as a learning resource, for a global intelligent professional audience.

Build Authority 

Use social media with the goal of building your business and yourself up as an authority in the eyes of the industry and customers/clients.  Appearing as a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat guest to answer questions about your area of expertise in design is a way to boost your authority.

Promote Your Brand

Sponsoring and positioning your business as the featured guest of @IntDesignerChat allows you to host questions that help you market your business. As the guest of a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you can expect to gain lots of new followers during the chat as well as receive valuable public relations. And you can also expect to get business leads from people who find out how knowledgeable you are about your topic during the chat. It is also an opportunity for Brands to promote new product introductions, or promote an upcoming event.

Sponsor A #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Topic

  • @IntDesignerChat will mention your business as the sponsor for the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat during the chat itself, as well as in article on our website and social updates on other Interior Designer Chat channels used to promote and/or recap the chat (Facebook, Google+, Storify, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.).
  • As a #IntDesignerChat Sponsor we offer promotion of your products and/or services during the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat.
  • During your scheduled sponsored #IntDesignerChat we will position your business as the featured guest of the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat and work with your brand as the host on questions that help you market your business.
  • Your business will have an advertising banners on our websites devoted to your #IntDesignerChat hosted Twitter chat.



photo credit: qualigence.com