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#IntDesignerChat Dec. 10 Topic: Designing The Master Bedroom

8 Dec
Balinese bedroom Style Traditionl Home

South Pacific style of jewelry designer Carolyn Tyler.

Ad Bedroom

Modern Bedroom by De La Torre Design Studio

Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday December 10, 2013 for our topic: Designing The Master Bedroom.  The most interesting bedrooms express the passions of the homeowners, from art to travel.  A master bedroom is the most personal space in the home, so naturally bedrooms are designed often, as the stuff dreams are made of. Designing a master bedroom for clients is often the job of designing a private retreat. With today’s fast paced business life, often clients want their master bedrooms to reflect their own private piece of Heaven.  Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter Tuesday December 10, and share Bedroom decorating and design ideas: from artsy to exotic at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3pm PST, and 11p GMT.


Photo Credit:  TraditionalHome.com 




#IntDesignerChat July 17 Topic: Designing The Perfect Bedroom for Guests

15 Jul

Fresh summer style and a  well-appointed guest room give a sense of comfort for weary  travelers.  This Tuesday July 17, 2012 Interior Designer Chat will be discussing,  designing the perfect bedroom for guests.  As professionals we’re often designing  bedrooms, but when asked to design a guest room.  We all have expert advice, on what could make any visitor want to stay awhile.   Join us on twitter @IntDesignerChat Tuesday, July 17 at 6pm EDT, 5p CST, 3pm PDT, and 11pm GMT and share your influences of designing the perfect bedroom for guests. 

#IntDesignerChat July 12, 2011 Topic: The Well Appointed Guest Room

11 Jul

A stylish, well-appointed guest room gives a sense of comfort hotels can’t match for a weary  traveler.  This Tuesday July 12, 2012 #IntDesignerChat will be discussing what could make any visitor want to stay awhile.  Join us on twitter @IntDesignerChat Tuesday, July 12 at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT, and 11pm GMT for a virtual discussion on gorgeous guest rooms.

Photo Credit:  Architectural Digest: AD 100 designer Jennifer Post

Q 1: How do we design to make guests feel comfortable in the Guest Rooms of Apartments or homes? #intDesignerChat

Q 2: You are designing a Guest Room that is about peace and quiet. What products would you spec for this project? #IntDesignerChat

Q 3: A client wants u to design a beautiful Eco-Friendly #substainable #green Guest Room. What products would u specify? #IntDesignerChat

Q 4: We design 4 guests 2 feel welcome + stay. What are some tip for keeping visitors from wearing out their welcomes? #IntDesignerChat

Recap/transcript for July 12, 2011 TOPIC: The Well Appointed Guest Room topic-IntDesignerChat-2011-07-12