Twitter chat sponsorship for #IntDesignerchat

Sponsor A Tuesday #IntDesignerChat 

#IntDesignerChat was established in June of 2010 and happens on Twitter every Tuesday at 6p EST, 5p CST, 3p PST, 11p GMT.

The Chat has weekly participation with leading professionals throughout the world.  The global discussion is based on a planned topic and presented by our institutional twitter account @IntDesignerChat in an organized manner.   We often  feature  Top Industry Guest Hosts.

#IntDesignerChat has established itself as the largest International Design Community on Twitter.   Our Mission:  lead by topics that are educating, inspiring and to give back to our community.

A One Hour #IntDesignerChat Sponsorship Includes:

  • 7  days of solid public relations and social media.
  • The opportunity for your brand  to  “giving back”  education and value during the one hour global #IntDesignerChat

Sponsorship helps build B2B relationships with our established welcoming community of leading professionals.

Celebrity Guest Hosts,  Award Winning Designers, Authors, and Industry Leaders all can experience this unique opportunity of  Public Relations, Marketing, and giving back educational value to our Interior Designer Chat Community.

Sponsor A Live #IntDesignerChat 

We offer powerful marketing and public relation results with   Live #IntDesignerChat  sponsorship package at your industry trade show,  showroom, Design Center,  or Brand event.   Every Tuesday #IntDesignerChat has global participation, with impressions of millions.  Let us host your event with a live tweet up.   The event takes places live with leading industry bloggers and design professionals who bring fun, inspiration, and education to your event.   #IntDesignerChat draws  a proven crowd every week.  A live #IntDesignerChat brings  the power of Twitter to life, while educating, sharing, and elevating event participants.

Twitter has become a gold standard in events:  The Superbowl, The Oscars, The Golden Globes all have had record-breaking results and sponsorship results, using Twitter.  Let’s talk!  There is nothing our community  likes better @IntDesignerChat  than the opportunity for all of us to Tweet Up IRL!!!

Contact: today for sponsorship information. 

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