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#IntDesignerChat June 17 Topic: Pinterest Marketing And Group Boards

15 Jun

Pinterest Marketing

Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday, June 17, 2014 for our Topic: Pinterest Marketing and Group Boards.  In 2014 using group boards on Pinterest to collaborate on design concepts is also affective Marketing for your business.  

Driving incremental sales with Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is now ranked as the 3rd largest social media network?  According to Shareaholic, Pinterest brings twice the site referral traffic of  Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined for referral traffic.  The content you upload in Pinterest has a longer lifespan than Twitter and Facebook.  And that means, the more followers, repins and clicks you get, the more traffic you’ll receive.

According to Hubspot, including a call-to-action to your pin description will pump up engagement by 80%.  For marketers and businesses, many are wondering,  “How to attract users to group boards on Pinterest.”

Professionals in the design and photography world are using Pinterest to communicate their aesthetic without having a project portfolio built up or hauling thousands of professional photos to client visits.


How can your business use group boards effectively?

Collaboration: create a board if you’re working with other people (employees, client) on a specific project.  Pinterest Group Boards are part of the solution for designing and sharing product and visual information.  Secret boards can also be used in collaboration for many different types of projects.

Planning:  Invite clients, co-workers to join your group board to pin images of their favorite furniture, room layout, design, color themes, etc.

Focus group: Ask your clients or customers to pin images of products and services they would like you to add. Use group boards to collect inspiration and collaborate with clients


  • If you have been invited to a group board be selective.  As a business you want to make sure that the theme of the group board compliments with your overall content strategy and you want to join a group that fits your niche and personal branding strategy.

  • Monitor your board contributors to make sure there are no spamming or unrelated pins.

  • Add rules of engagement on the board description to warn spammers.

  • Add your pinterest URL address on the board description.

  • Remember that Pinterest is all about people discovering things that inspire them. Reward quality over quantity.

Save the date  Tuesday June 17, for education and inspiration on the Topic: Pinterest Marketing And Group Boards lead by Barbara Segal, founder of  the Interior Designer Chat who  will share how to market using group boards.



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