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#IntDesignerChat June 10 Topic: What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014?

8 Jun
Coca Cola London headquarters  designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles

Coca Cola London headquarters designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles



The lobby of Zipcar in Boston.  Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography

The lobby of Zipcar in Boston. Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography


Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX

Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX


It is a big year for Office Interiors, and many are coming to Chicago for NeoCon with an impressive collection of new products and  new ideas about how the workplace is changing.  Join the Interior Designer Chat community on Tuesday, June 10 for our Topic:  What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.   

When the word “trend” is used at NeoCon, it refers to deep, cultural, technological and economic shifts that change the way commercial products and environments are built.

Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, Tuesday at 6p ET as we discuss and chat on Twitter:

  • What office spaces, products and layouts let people do their best work?
  • Are we designing open offices or are we fixing open offices in 2014?
  • How do we help our clients define their ideal next work environment, one that drives their missions forward?

Set your ical to 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT and 11p GMT for @IntDesignerChat Topic: What Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.  Share how with proper planning and approaches to workplace planning;  we can give each space a distinct look, feel, and functionality






Photo Credits: dezeen.com




#IntDesignerChat June 11 Guest Host Irene Williams The Voice Behind @crossvilleinc Live At #NeoCon13

4 Jun


Guest Host Irene Williams the voice behind @crossvilleinc 

June 11, 2013 #IntDesignerChat is talking about the latest trends in commercial design that will soon influence the looks of our residential spaces, as well.  From current color palettes to the most modern finishes, commercial design always pushes the bar and sets new standards.  Host Irene Williams, aka “@crossvilleinc,” will guide the discussion from NeoCon in Chicago and offer a sneak peek into fabulous finds from the show. Whether you only dabble in commercial design or wish to grow your business in this market segment, join in for a fun, informative chat!  Our Topic: “Material Witness: Colors, Finishes, Product Trends in Commercial Design.”


Irene Williams, the voice behind @crossvilleinc, has spent more than 15 of her 20+-year career leading PR, marketing and social media for companies in the design and building product industries. She’s been an integral part of the market research, branding and publicity for more than 15 companies and 130 products in the flooring, home comfort, window covering, home appliance and tile/ tile installation industries.

As Crossville’s PR and social media representative, she stays on top of trends in commercial and residential design and works daily to bring Crossville’s voice into the conversations of the online design community and onto the pages of respected publications. By understanding the mindset and priorities of specifying designers, she’s able to translate Crossville’s expertise in material innovations, green initiatives, product advancements, color trends, etc. into relevant discussions and stories that make a difference and inspire engagement for the brand.

Irene Williams is digital marketing, social media and PR pro with a specialty in copywriting/content creation. Through her consultancy, Msg2Mkt, she helps a range of clients grow their brands in the ‘digital – social – mobile marketplace.’  She’s also founder of QRHere, LLC, a technology company that creates mobile messaging solutions and strategies for businesses. She has more than 20 years professional experience, is accredited by the International Association of Business Communicators and holds a BA in Professional Writing from Baylor University.  Learn more at Msg2Mkt.com.

June 11 #IntDesignerChat has been graciously sponsored by Crossville Inc.   Join the Interior Designer Chat Community on Twitter, Tuesday June 11 using the hashtag  #IntDesignerChat at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.

#IntDesignerChat June 12 Topic: Trends In Materials and NeoCon Discoveries

5 Jun

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Our next #IntDesignerChat will focus on trends in materials as discovered at NeoCon, the premiere event for contract design. We’ll gather live to tweet up with colleagues in attendance at the show to get the firsthand account on what’s hot for commercial interiors. Commercial design ultimately influences all aspects of design, so this chat will be a great peek into what textures, colors and styles are sure to matter the most for all sign pros in the days ahead.

Will you be at NeoCon?    SponsorCrossville Tile, a domestic manufacturer of porcelain, glass and stone collections (booth 8-9086 at NeoCon) is hosting a live TweetUp at the House of Blues.   The first 27 to visit Crossville’s booth at the show and mention #IntDesignerChat will receive a ticket to attend  Crossville’s House of Blues bash immediately following the chat.  This event is cohosted by Bentley Prince Street, as well.

Disclosure:  This IntDesignerChat Event has been sponsored by Crossville Tile Inc.

Interior Designer Chat Questions – August 03, 2010 #IntDesignerChat

3 Aug

TOPIC:  Talkin Trade Shows

Q1. With the new economy what trade shows are important to your firm?  If any

Q2. We hear manufacturers complaining that we are no shows at their events- Why is this(beyond economy)?

Q3. What can an exhibitor do to get you out of the Office and to a trade show or Showroom event?

Q4. Has social media at trade shows from exhibitors and participators changed the way you attend?

Q5. If you could shout out advice to your trade show of choice, what would it be?

Transcript :  Recap of #IntDesignerChat