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#IntDesignerChat June 10 Topic: What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014?

8 Jun
Coca Cola London headquarters  designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles

Coca Cola London headquarters designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles



The lobby of Zipcar in Boston.  Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography

The lobby of Zipcar in Boston. Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography


Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX

Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX


It is a big year for Office Interiors, and many are coming to Chicago for NeoCon with an impressive collection of new products and  new ideas about how the workplace is changing.  Join the Interior Designer Chat community on Tuesday, June 10 for our Topic:  What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.   

When the word “trend” is used at NeoCon, it refers to deep, cultural, technological and economic shifts that change the way commercial products and environments are built.

Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, Tuesday at 6p ET as we discuss and chat on Twitter:

  • What office spaces, products and layouts let people do their best work?
  • Are we designing open offices or are we fixing open offices in 2014?
  • How do we help our clients define their ideal next work environment, one that drives their missions forward?

Set your ical to 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT and 11p GMT for @IntDesignerChat Topic: What Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.  Share how with proper planning and approaches to workplace planning;  we can give each space a distinct look, feel, and functionality






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#IntDesignerChat April 15 is “Open Mic.”

14 Apr

open mic

Tuesday April 15, 2014  #IntDesignerChat will open up our conversation with an “Open Mic” twitter chat.   It’s  a lunar moon, a time for you to share,  What’s on your mind!  At @IntDesignerChat we’re always about JOY, REJOICING, and GROWING our #IntDesignerChat friends and community!

Weekly we practice  Twitter Chat Etiquette and our community guidelines, establish by our  Interior Designer Chat Community.   The purpose of  #IntDesignerChat has been to  give back to the design industry, build others and network with like-minded professionals.  Our welcoming  top Ambassadors volunteer  their time and giving  back to the interior designer chat community.

We have learned to believe  if you alter the environment,  people will adapt to it,  based on the reality around us.   Join  @IntDesignerChat  Tuesday April 15, 2014 on twitter for our  “Open Mic.”   6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.

The #IntDesignerChat Community has bonded internationally and many of us have had the opportunities to meet each other at design centers,  trade shows, IDC Education & Design Worth Spreading Events, Live #IntDesignerChat Tweet ups, and blogging events around the world.   For years now, Interior Designer Chat has “given back” and has shared global education and  helped others to become thought leaders in the design industry.  Interior Designer Chat is a planned media platform with an editorial media calendar, with specific topics. We famously have started Trending worldwide often with our thought-provoking topics, and questions.   Some refer to #IntDesignerChat as a  design resource,  a flash mob on the internet,  an international professional community of professionals,  and others a  educational classroom.

Join us Tuesday by following @IntDesignerChat for our “Open Mic” conversation at 6p ET, 3p PT and 11p GMT.






#IntDesignerChat April 8 Topic: Seize Opportunities To Build Your Brand

6 Apr



How do you build, grow and nurture an online community?  How are you using the power of social media for communications and connections,  that are emerging into relationships?   Tuesday,  April 8, 2014 @IntDesignerChat will take to twitter to discuss;  How to use the influence of social media to create meaningful relationships with others and maintain a consistent focus on building your brand.  Surprisingly there are still designers, individuals, and companies that are resisting social media.  These individuals and firms are missing out on a free opportunity to build a following.

Spotting opportunities to build your brand,  requires being generous.  If all you do is take, people will stop responding to you.  To grow in social media you need to establish partnerships with other top influencers in your niche.  And provide your audience with quality content that aligns with their interests and passions.  Are you seizing opportunities to build your brand? 

Social Media is powerful in that it helps to make connections, build relationships, and even build a business! Any one can hop on the social media train and reach out, get engaged and get connected. Reach out and say hello!  Take the opportunity to establish new contacts and relationships.  Whether you’re a professional designer, artist,  architect,  manufacturer, vendor, or a blogger… establishing social media influence, requires investing  your time and attention to creating your brand.

Over the past several years, Interior Designer Chat has worked hard to build and grow a vibrant and interactive community on social channels including  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Building a following takes effort and time, and there are no shortcuts.

Join#IntDesignerChat April 8 for  Topic: Seize Opportunities To Build Your Brand at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT, and 11p GMT.

#IntDesignerChat March 25 Topic: Top Trends In Outdoor Living And Entertaining In 2014

23 Mar
Outdoor 1

As the days lengthen and sunshine beckons we extend our living and dining outside.  Join Interior Designer Chat, Tuesday March  25, on Twitter for a  global discussion on, top trends  in outdoor living and entertaining for 2014.  From outdoor kitchens, terraces,  porches, verandas, and decks  we’ll be sharing what we’re selecting for great outside living.  Homeowners are expressing a high demand for designed landscapes and livable open spaces, that are both stylish and earth friendly.

Alex Haskey Valley Garden Landscapes Vaucluse Garden

Alex Haskey Valley Garden Landscapes Vaucluse Garden

Join other designers from all over the globe @IntDesignerChat Tuesday March 25 and share design advice and views on outdoor living features and design elements that are  the most in-demand for 2014.   We’ll focus on outdoor casual living areas for entertaining and designs for outdoor living room for people who love to live a life of luxury.
  • Umbrellas for Shade
  • Outdoor Fabrics
  • Barbeque Grills
  • Wine Refrigerators and Refrigerator
  • Storage for Organization
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Rugs
  • Solar Powered Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Fire Pits
  • Landscaping
  • Planters
  • Lanterns
  • Energy Efficient Outdoor Heaters
  • Fire Tables And Columns
  • Fountains
  • Tile
  • Stone
Patio 3

Join #IntDesignerChat  Tuesday March 25 for Topic: Top Trends In Outdoor Living And Entertaining For 2014 at 6pm ET, 5pm CT,  3pm PT, and 10p GMT.  

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#IntDesignerChat Feb. 4 Topic: Collaboration In Design

2 Feb

Presenting the future

Team collaboration is the key to success.  Finding your way through the design process to deliver great solutions requires a team. Collaborating  with a designer,  is  a win-win situation.  The value of working on a team brings knowledge to the designer. Interior designers, architects, builders, and clients realize the value and importance of having a team on board at the beginning of the design process.  Having the design team at the table at the beginning of a project ensures that each discipline can offer valuable information focused on design, constructability, and budget that exceeds a client’s expectations. 

Whether your business is at full staff,  re-organizing, or preparing to increase your staff,  the process of team collaboration is an effective means to ensure direct, and desired project participation. Manufactures and reps who participate and stay involved in the design process,  avoid being overlooked when specification time comes for new business with new clients.  Collaborating with vendor, reps, tradesmen, and contractors is part of  the collaborative day-to-day  business for the designer.    Working with others in collaboration, is  making them a part of your team.  With brands and manufactures it can require  reps, who can keep track of orders and respond weekly to our order status.   By streamlining to collaboration you  also work for your continued business success and the mutual win for the sales representative and manufacturer.   Sales people within the design industry are positioned to provide continual,  efficient and more effective information and value.

How do you build a team approach and integrate them as part of your team, your collaborative staff?

How can our respective sales people become more integrated within our design business?

How can we harness the knowledge and value of Reps for more effective ordering processing?

How do you collaboration as an interior designers with other professional designers?  i.e. Kitchen Designers, Architects, Builders, Color Experts.

Join #IntDesignerChat Tuesday February 4, 2014 for our global twitter chat  Topic: Collaboration In Design.   Follow us on twitter @IntDesignerChat join the conversation at 6p EST, 5p CST, 3p PT and 11p GMT.


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#IntDesignerChat Oct. 15 Topic: Design Centers And Showrooms

13 Oct

Pacific Design


Join Interior Designer Chat, Tuesday October 15, for a global conversation on design centers and showrooms.  We will discuss:

What design centers are doing a great job of Social Media, Marketing, and PR and getting the message out?

As “To the Trade” how are you working with design center in your area.

What questions do you ask when entering a showroom with no “trade only” sign  but stating “ public welcome.”   How do you clarify your situation, to your clients.

What features and services do you use your design center for?

Do you think design centers have come together in collaborating with showrooms and the design community throughout the country?

How do you inspire your clients via design centers?

Do you look at design centers for the value of your education and expertise as a designer?

Do events that qualify for Continuing Education credit draw you into a Design Center?

Do you know of a noteworthy event coming up in the design, architectural, or furnishings industry?

What is the most memorable event you’ve attended at a Design Center.  Why?

Set you ical for Tuesday, October 15, 2013 and join our #IntDesignerChat community on Twitter at  6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, and 11p GMT.  

#IntDesignerChat Sept. 10 Topic: Industry Insights – What’s Happening Now In Bathroom’s

8 Sep

houzz bathroom

As the industries resource of  the design industry,  Interior Designer Chat September 10, 2013  will be looking for industry insights on what’s happening in bathroom interiors.   Join industry experts and our professional design community on  Tuesday, @IntDesignerChat where we’ll share grand gestures and small touches that make or break a bathroom’s design now. 

From gutting and rehabbing a master bathroom,  to designing a new bathroom in a multi-generational home,  to a luxury bathroom in a high-rise, or designing the perfect quintessential powder room this week’s design professionals will share what happening now in bathroom design.

Be part of  #IntDesignerChat industry insights on What’s Happening Now In Bathroom’s on twitter, Tuesday September 10, 2013  at 6pm ET, 5pm CT, 3pm PT and 11pm GMT .


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