5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat

29 Jul

Does your business use Twitter?

#IntDesignerChat Creates One-on-One Relationships

As an active participant in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to colleagues and customers. The more often you participate in a #IntDesignerChat  Twitter chat, the more relationships you form and the more recognition you gain in our industry.   Since June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat has created international relationships in commercial and residential design, architecture, interior design, Kitchen and Bath, and Home Furnishing industries.  Our Tuesday #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat can rock social media and is so popular our global participants show up early and we have TRENDED WORLDWIDE several times.

#IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Connects You With Customers and Prospects 

Founded four years ago, in June of 2010 #IntDesignerChat has been producing great topics and twitter chats reaching 12 Million Impressions in an hour according to TweetBinder.com.  Hosting an event is a great way for a business to bring its potential and current customer base together to learn, engage and build a deeper relationship.  Your business can host a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, and we’ll share our secret sauce of connecting with your customers and prospect.

Participate in a #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat And Stay Informed

Attending #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a spectator can be a great educational experience.

As a participant, your goal is to tweet with other professionals and experts in the design, interior design, architect, home furnishing, and the Kitchen & Bath industry to discuss common issues.

Use #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat as a higher-education and as professional use of your week.  Each week our Topics are thought provoking and produce informative and education content in social media from leading experts who participate during our one hour #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat. We lead #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat weekly, on Tuesday at 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 3p PST, and 11pm GMT as a learning resource, for a global intelligent professional audience.

Build Authority 

Use social media with the goal of building your business and yourself up as an authority in the eyes of the industry and customers/clients.  Appearing as a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat guest to answer questions about your area of expertise in design is a way to boost your authority.

Promote Your Brand

Sponsoring and positioning your business as the featured guest of @IntDesignerChat allows you to host questions that help you market your business. As the guest of a #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat, you can expect to gain lots of new followers during the chat as well as receive valuable public relations. And you can also expect to get business leads from people who find out how knowledgeable you are about your topic during the chat. It is also an opportunity for Brands to promote new product introductions, or promote an upcoming event.

Sponsor A #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat Topic

  • @IntDesignerChat will mention your business as the sponsor for the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat during the chat itself, as well as in article on our website and social updates on other Interior Designer Chat channels used to promote and/or recap the chat (Facebook, Google+, Storify, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.).
  • As a #IntDesignerChat Sponsor we offer promotion of your products and/or services during the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat.
  • During your scheduled sponsored #IntDesignerChat we will position your business as the featured guest of the #IntDesignerChat Twitter chat and work with your brand as the host on questions that help you market your business.
  • Your business will have an advertising banners on our websites devoted to your #IntDesignerChat hosted Twitter chat.



photo credit: qualigence.com


#IntDesignerChat 4 Year Anniversary! Join @IntDesignerChat for our Four Year Anniversary, June 24, 2014

22 Jun

We are so excited.  It’s #IntDesignerChat  four year anniversary celebration week, and it’s such a big deal for @NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal, @andrewdunning Andrew Dunning, @jamoore100 Judy Moore, @yourabode Kathy Hanson our Directing Founder and Interior Designer Chat Ambassadors all who volunteer and for you the contributors and participants!  We can’t wait to celebrate #IntDesignerChat  Four Year Anniversary, Tuesday, June 24, 2014 on Twitter at 6pm EDT, 3p PDT, and 11p GMT.



@NoirBlancDesign Barbara Segal, Director and Founder of #IntDesignerChat



@andrewdunning Andrew Dunning Founder/Creative Director of APD Interiors #IntDesignerChat Ambassador

Judy Moore headshot

@jamoore100 Judy Moore, Home and lifestyle Safety expert, author, blogger #IntDesignerChat Ambassador

Kathy Hanson

@yourabode Kathy Hanson, Decorating in the Pacific Northwest. #IntDesignerChat Ambassador




Celebrating Interior Designer Chat Four Year Anniversary on Twitter is a serious celebration, and we are so excited!  Think about it,  who else in our industry for nearly every week, has supported and built others by giving back?   Interior Designer Chat has never asked for dues, fees, or tried to sell you something.  We have hosted a #IntDesignerChat weekly, since June 2010 with  Twitter chat topics and brought you leading Guest Hosts that have shared thought-provoking education, inspiration, and global conversations.  We should all be proud, that our Interior Designer Chat community conversations have spanned the wide world of  interior design, building, design, and social learning.  Factually we have drawn hundreds of millions of impressions (eyeballs) on our #IntDesignerChat Twitter Chat and have produced hundreds of Twitter Chats successfully. Factually we are one of the longest running Twitter chats on @Twitter and we are proud to have reached World Wide Trending.

We’ve learned a ton.  Interior Designer Chat has grown to a global respected community, and we’re humbled.   This is a community that continually and without fail, guides us to the next big thing.   We have collaborated with and been touched in so many ways by so many in our industry.   Since 2010 we have always embraced and welcomed new participants,  to network and  discuss the challenges of when it comes to our daily professional lives.   We have enjoyed and grown by collaborating with our #IntDesignerChat Guest Hosts  who have honored our Interior Designer Chat  community by giving back education and  experts advice.

We have grown the Interior Designer Chat community organically with integrity.  This has taken a lot of work, patience, and we’ve stayed true to our mission “of giving back.”   As a team, we are proud and embrace the collaborations we have experienced globally.  While we’ve all watched others getting into social media to profit off participants building their communities.   Interior Designer Chat  has not let anyone down.  We only have built others.

Join #IntDesignerChat Four Year Anniversary Celebration Twitter Chat, Tuesday June 24, 2014 at 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT, 11p GMT.  We look forward to our professional friends and industry colleges sending Tweets our way of congratulations!  #IntDesignerChat 4 year Anniversary celebration is to exciting not to celebrate the entire week on Interior Designer Chat on Pinterest, Google +, Facebook,  Tumblr,  LinkedIn, and our blog post.

This week, Interior Designer Chat celebrates the 4th Anniversary of our Chat with a giveaway to say Thank You to all our supporters!

To help celebrate this event, we are sharing with our followers a fun Giveaway valued at $100 USD!

Here is what the winner will receive:  A Visa Gift Card valued at $100 USD.

Giveaway Guidelines – Please read carefully:

  1. Give a Like to Interior Designer Chat on Facebook and share on Facebook why you like participating in our #IntDesignerChat community.
  2. Follow @IntDesignerChat on Twitter
  3. Follow the Google + Interior Designer Chat Community.                                                                      
  4. Tweet a Re-Tweetable Tweet on why you like Interior Designer Chat with the #IntDesignerChat hashtag on Twitter after you complete steps 1 & 2 to be entered in the Give away.
  5. Participants must reply by email within 7 days of notification, with their mail or delivery address.
  6. All entries must be completed by Thursday, June 26 at 12:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen at random.
  7. Entry winner will notified via a Facebook message or Twitter Direct Message

#IntDesignerChat June 17 Topic: Pinterest Marketing And Group Boards

15 Jun

Pinterest Marketing

Join Interior Designer Chat Tuesday, June 17, 2014 for our Topic: Pinterest Marketing and Group Boards.  In 2014 using group boards on Pinterest to collaborate on design concepts is also affective Marketing for your business.  

Driving incremental sales with Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is now ranked as the 3rd largest social media network?  According to Shareaholic, Pinterest brings twice the site referral traffic of  Google +, Twitter, and LinkedIn combined for referral traffic.  The content you upload in Pinterest has a longer lifespan than Twitter and Facebook.  And that means, the more followers, repins and clicks you get, the more traffic you’ll receive.

According to Hubspot, including a call-to-action to your pin description will pump up engagement by 80%.  For marketers and businesses, many are wondering,  “How to attract users to group boards on Pinterest.”

Professionals in the design and photography world are using Pinterest to communicate their aesthetic without having a project portfolio built up or hauling thousands of professional photos to client visits.


How can your business use group boards effectively?

Collaboration: create a board if you’re working with other people (employees, client) on a specific project.  Pinterest Group Boards are part of the solution for designing and sharing product and visual information.  Secret boards can also be used in collaboration for many different types of projects.

Planning:  Invite clients, co-workers to join your group board to pin images of their favorite furniture, room layout, design, color themes, etc.

Focus group: Ask your clients or customers to pin images of products and services they would like you to add. Use group boards to collect inspiration and collaborate with clients


  • If you have been invited to a group board be selective.  As a business you want to make sure that the theme of the group board compliments with your overall content strategy and you want to join a group that fits your niche and personal branding strategy.

  • Monitor your board contributors to make sure there are no spamming or unrelated pins.

  • Add rules of engagement on the board description to warn spammers.

  • Add your pinterest URL address on the board description.

  • Remember that Pinterest is all about people discovering things that inspire them. Reward quality over quantity.

Save the date  Tuesday June 17, for education and inspiration on the Topic: Pinterest Marketing And Group Boards lead by Barbara Segal, founder of  the Interior Designer Chat who  will share how to market using group boards.



Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter Tuesday at 6pm EDT, 5pm CDT, 3pm PST for a global conversation on Pinterest Marketing And Group Boards.

#IntDesignerChat June 10 Topic: What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014?

8 Jun
Coca Cola London headquarters  designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles

Coca Cola London headquarters designed by UK studio MoreySmith that includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles



The lobby of Zipcar in Boston.  Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography

The lobby of Zipcar in Boston. Photo Credit: Warren Patterson Photography


Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX

Ziegler Cooper – Houston, TX


It is a big year for Office Interiors, and many are coming to Chicago for NeoCon with an impressive collection of new products and  new ideas about how the workplace is changing.  Join the Interior Designer Chat community on Tuesday, June 10 for our Topic:  What’s Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.   

When the word “trend” is used at NeoCon, it refers to deep, cultural, technological and economic shifts that change the way commercial products and environments are built.

Join #IntDesignerChat on Twitter, Tuesday at 6p ET as we discuss and chat on Twitter:

  • What office spaces, products and layouts let people do their best work?
  • Are we designing open offices or are we fixing open offices in 2014?
  • How do we help our clients define their ideal next work environment, one that drives their missions forward?

Set your ical to 6p ET, 5p CT, 3p PT and 11p GMT for @IntDesignerChat Topic: What Trends Are We Seeing In Office Spaces In 2014.  Share how with proper planning and approaches to workplace planning;  we can give each space a distinct look, feel, and functionality






Photo Credits: dezeen.com